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Tania Workman

Office Manager / Lead Client Service Representative

I have been in Houston since 2017 with my husband and son having moved from Louisiana. I have over 20 years experience in veterinary medicine. I started out as a veterinary assistant where I fell in love with animal medicine. After stepping away for several years to be a stay at home mom, I found my way back to the veterinary world and discovered my true passion is cultivating lasting relationships with pet parents througheducation, compassion and understanding. It its important to me that clients know that a friendly, familiar face will help during difficult and stressful times. I share my house with my husband, son (who is off at Texas A&M) and 2 cats Myshka and Phineas. In my free time I enjoy creating art, reading and gardening.

Dr. Woody Coyne


Bio coming soon!

Britnee Doussan

Lead Veterinary Technician

Britnee has loved animals as far back as she remembers. Not growing up with pets, one would expect her to be apprehensive around animals. Never the case. A 5 year old Britnee was playing outside when she noticed a "puppy" being walked down the sidewalk. She started running full speed towards the snarling German Shepherd that was standing on his back feet with his hackles raised, screaming "Puppy! Puppy!". The owner pulled the leash back with all of his strength while Britnee's mom ran to get her. As soon as Britnee reached the dog, he smelled her and sat down, and Britnee was petting him and giggling. The owner and Brit's mother were both shocked. This led to her life-long nickname "Dog Whisperer".
Britnee has since worked in various fields, all with the same love for animals. She joined a local dog rescue group in 2012, where she fostered and adopted out a total of 32 dogs over 3 years. Of of the 32, most notably, was a litter of 9 puppies that had parvo. The vet at the time told her they would like not make it, and due to funds the rescue was choosing to euthanize the litter. Britnee refused and scooped the puppies up and attempted treatment at home, working 'round the clock with them for 10 days in her small bathroom, with 2 small children.

Every single puppy survived-- and you can meet one of them today, as Walter, Britnee's own dog, is a survivor! This rewarding experience helped Britnee realize that she had a gift and she chose to pursue her education as a veterinary technician. Britnee graduated at the top of her class with a 4.0 GPA in 2014. She has worked in a variety of settings as a technician, including ER/trauma, large animal, obstetrics, and general practice. Britnee joined AMC in 2019, bring along her vast knowledge, passion, experience, and critical thinking to provide a comprehensive level of care to her patients.

You may also see her up front answering phones, outside playing with dogs in the yard, grooming a kitty -- she wears many hats!

If all of that isn't enough, Britnee is also raising four amazing kids - Emma, Rori, Westin, & Jaci with her best friend and husband Chad. They are a close-knit fun-loving family which is easy to see. They also have furbabies, the aforementioned Walter, a catahoula mix, Tubbers, a big ol' Maine Coon, and Salem, a "mostly domesticated" feral tabby.

Michelle Cole

Veterinary Technician

Hello, I'm Michelle! I have always been told I'm a nurturing and compassionate person, especially towards animals. I grew up in a house in Houston where all animals were welcome and loved. My mother was a lab technician and would bring me to work with her at times, and I became fascinated with medicine. So, I figured I would combine the two! I love helping my patients live to their fullest and making sure their parents know all they can and feel confident in the care they are receiving. I try making my patients comfortable, to teach them that going to the doctor is not a scary experience because who honestly likes going to the doctor?!

I now live in Tomball with my wonderful husband of 6 years, our sweet daughter who will be 5 this year, and our two dogs, Mischief, a blue heeler/Australian shepherd mix, and Brody a full size daschund/boxer mix.

Alicia Aguilar

Kennel Attendant

Bio coming soon!

Laura Dressel

Kennel Attendant

My name is Laura Dressel and I am a kennel technician at Animal Medical Center. As a kid, I felt a special connection to animals, especially dogs, and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in animal care. In high school I completed an internship at a local animal shelter and loved my experience there. I enjoy continuing to grow in my experiences with animals at Animal Medical Center.

Lauren Rubalcava

Practice Manger

Bio coming soon!

Esmeralda Acosta

Client Service Representative

Yes, I am the girl at the parties that is hanging out with the dog.

I have 10 years of customer service experience and recently changed over to the animal medical field, but I have always had a love for all animals. I've always had some sort of animal in my life. Currently, I have 2 dogs and a cat, a couple of sugar gliders, and some fancy mice. I briefly shadowed at an animal clinic after high school and was unable to continue with it.

When not at work I enjoy spending time with my family and all my creatures. I can't wait to meet you and your babies when you come ! Tootles!